Miraculous Life

When my kids were little I created several games that we could play together that required no dice, boards, moving pieces or money. When I think about it now these games seem very dangerous, so don’t try them at home, or do, but don’t blame me for injury. All we needed was me (dad), one or more kids and a wide open living room or family room floor.

The first game was “Bronco Billy” which is exactly what it sounds like. I am the horse and the kids took turns on my back, while I bucked them violently and wildly and they went flying into walls and couches.  They never cried, but each of the three kids fought the other(s)  for the chance to ride bronco Billy agin and again,  until we were all sweaty and exhausted.

The second game the kids loved was “earthquake”. This is when dad lies…

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About Lesley K. Glenn

I hike, I do aRt. I thrive with stage IV metastatic breast cancer. I am a Whole Foods plant based eater. I adore my husband and children. I lOvE my friends. I iNsPiRe my own life.
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